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As of now, the plan is to have a spring musical in 2021.

When I said "We'll see you in April", I didn't say what year.

As encouraged as we are that many people took precautions around Thanksgiving seriously, and that there is a vaccine on the horizon, we are still anticipating COVID numbers to stay high throughout the holiday season. As much as "drama is life", the safety of our students and staff is paramount.

As such, we have decided our best chance at having a spring musical would be to push it back.

Auditions will be at the end of January, and we will perform in late April.

Our hope is to be fully in-person for rehearsals and performances. However, we can and will go online if required.

Rehearsals will be scheduled so as to keep the number of students present at a minimum.

We will be filming extensively throughout rehearsals... just in case.

Masks will be mandatory at rehearsals, and will be incorporated into costumes.

We will social distance in vocal rehearsals, and as much as possible in staging rehearsals. Choreography and staging will incorporate distancing where possible.

Casting may take students' families and social groups into consideration. This is as much for limiting student contact in rehearsals as it is for limiting the potential contact of families during performances.

The show we have chosen is "Seussical the Musical" (Junior version). We do not yet have the rights, but we do not foresee any issues securing performance rights. We can't make a big, official announcement yet because licensing is taking a lot longer than usual these days. Our licensing rep is currently fielding about 100 emails a day, and we have to negotiate a refund from last year before we get this year's numbers. But students interested in auditioning should start learning the music NOW.

A link to audition information can be found HERE when it is available. This is not the standard Audition packet. Do not assume you know what's in it. Please read it thoroughly.

There will only be 6 crew positions, and for many of them we are planning to approach students who are experienced in those positions. As of now, the only crew positions we're looking to fill are spotlight operators.

The show calls for a small cast- around 12. If we have enough students to make 2 full casts, we will add performances. This will also help us to keep audiences at lowered capacity.

We are still deciding how concessions/ intermission will work.

We will need some parental help in January breaking down last year's set, putting up this year's set, and cleaning out the loft.

Speaking of last year's show, we will air "Little Zoom of Horrors" at a future date, when we can actually show it to an audience.