Musicals cost money. Not only do we make sure to purchase the rights for every show we put on, we also hire quality professionals in various fields to ensure the students have the best experience possible. Every year, we hire a musical director. And in different years we may also hire lighting designers, sound technicians, a live band, or have prop or costume rentals. We do what we can ourselves, but materials and costumes cost money! As a result, students participating in the play are expected to contribute to the fundraising. We offer lots of different ways students can raise money to meet their quotas:

  • Program Book Ad Space- friends and family can advertise businesses or just place a Good Luck message in our program! It's a great way to promote your business and show you support the arts at Bristol High! Click Here to see the sizes and prices.
  • T-Shirts/ Hoodies- A great way to show off your support for the Drama Program! Click Here for pricing. You can place your order with any Drama Club member during our fundraising season (January- February)
  • Shout Outs- These are short little well-wishes you can put in for your favorite performer, or just the whole cast, and they only cost $1 a line! Reach out to a Drama Club member about placing your shout out in the program!
  • In-kind donations- Concessions, building materials, costumes, etc can be donated directly to the drama club. On the Saturday of performance weekend, our students have 2 shows, with a dinner break in between, and we are always looking for food contributions. Just reach out to us at to let us know how you'd like to help!